Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh boy-Whatta weekend!

Fab weekend I had my friends.  As you already know I am new to blogging, so when I found out that I couldn't hook up to the internet, I was a little bummed, but needless to say, I got over it quick...We went to Utah with our new home school group that we just started with this year....Their actually great friends of mine and it's been a sweet new school year so far....We went to Staheli Farm in Utah...This is a fabulous place...My kids love, love, love it...So, here I am walking around this farm with tons of things for the kids to do, and I see all these young pretty moms that are not in our group...I was telling my best friend Rachel about my new blog and mentioned to her that now with this new blog of mine I really need to step up my game with picture taking...EVERYONE that has a blog seems to have these great pictures on their blogs...Well since I've went through 2 cameras of mine already, I'm stuck with eh, an ok camera...So anyway, I'm talking to Rachel about my blog & picture taking and I notice that every STINKIN mom that is not in our group has these $1000 dang cameras hanging from their shoulders!! I couldn't believe it...So, of course I started a conversation with a few of them and come to find out they are ALL bloggers and they ALL take great pictures...KIM!! Where are you when I need you??? Kim is another best friend of mine that has one of those great big cameras and SHE takes great pictures too!! 
Well after that we went to see Tarzan at the Tuacahn Theatre...It was pretty cool...I could personally take it or leave it, but I wanted my boys to see it...Well I came to find out they are not really into it...I was so proud of them though....They sat there without complaining, whinning or talking through the whole show...Well, they did asked for snacks & 1 time they asked when it would be over...But still I was praising the LORD that they sat there just being such good boys even though they really weren't into the show....Then again they really couldn't get to me that easily...Ha! By the end of the night we were exhausted and went back to the hotel and crashed....

So Saturday morning we got up and went to Moapa, NV to the Roose N' Moore Zoo...Pretty cool place... They have exotic animals that you normally don't see at zoos and get to hold them....The kids loved that too...
I always try to look back on my day or weekend, and think if there was a time I didn't glorify the LORD...
Oh, there's always so many times that I don't...Forgive me JESUS!! I did however, manage to insult my best friend...Ugh, I hate when I'm in the flesh!! If you know New Yorkers you know they have very big mouths, stick their foot in their mouths...ALOT, and sometimes say too much...Well the beauty of this story is that if  CHRIST was not living in me, the outcome of things would not come out the way they did....In my BC ("before CHRIST") days I was never wrong....And even if I knew I was inside, backing down or humbling myself was never an option...I was right and that was it and I'd take it to the grave!! I never knew the meaning of the word  "humility" until I read who JESUS was....So I praise you JESUS CHRIST, LORD of my life, that you are my perfect example and that YOU live literally, inside me, and continue to break me and set me free from this body of death!! "God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble"  James 4:6

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  1. I love you girl! I love how much the Lord is refining you! I also love how "real" you are.... Not many people will tell you, on their blogs, what they did wrong! It is an inspiration to be "real."