Friday, October 15, 2010

Karma? Are you kidding me?

That's such a funny word to me...Again, my cell phone is not working for the second time...I had to go to the cell phone store, and boy was I going to give them H$%L......I mean JESUS :), Ha! I know what your thinking...I was going to say HELP....Yeah right....Ok, anyway, I already had cell phone trouble and went without a phone for 5 days...I wasn't about to go another 5 days...Someone was gonna payyyyy!!....In my head driving to the store I said to myself, "I'm gettin a new phone from these people..."I'm a valued customer for a long time, and I deserve it".....Maybe I'll get the upgraded Droid"! Yay!....Well, I walked in, spoke with the man that I spoke with over the phone earlier, and he said, "Yep, this phone is dead".."Yeah, thanks guy"...He was actually really nice....He said that I could wait for a phone in the mail like last time, or go ahead and by the updated Droid for $100 after the rebate...He said he could put the $100 on my bill, and no money would come out of my pocket....SCORE!!
After getting excited about it, I thought, "Oh, I have to ask my husband because he does the bills now"....Well I could just get it and tell him later...He's so sweet anyway, he wouldn't yell at me or anything...He might be a little disappointed right?? I explained the situation to the cell phone store man that I had to call my husband and ask...Then I joked and shared, "I could just get it and tell him after the fact, he would forgive me"....The man said "Welp, do it and ask for forgiveness later, that's what I do"..."Nah, I don't roll like that, I have someone bigger to answer too"...He said, "Oh, karma right?? I said, "Nooo, Jesus, my Lord and Savior...Ray wanted me to wait on the new upgrade (bummer), but it was the smart thing to do, and the obedient thing to do for the LORD, and my husband, oh and the cell phone store man!! I thought about his comment "karma"...Really karma? Are you kidding me?  It's not about worrying what will happen to you, it's about WHO you will have to answer too...He gave me a loaner phone till my new one comes in :)
So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. James 4:17

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  1. You have a gift... evangelism... or maybe the gift of gab!!! :)