Foster/Adoption Journey-Sept. 29, 2013

September 29,2013
Faithful GOD 

Today in service while worshipping my JESUS with tears to that song, "Faithful GOD", by Laura Story, I wanted to just fall to my knees in thankfulness to HIM...Gosh, HE is so faithful and I am so not...I don't know what brings me to tears more, HIS faithfulness to a wretched sinner like me, or my unfaithfulness to HIM?  Either way it pricks my heart to continue to give HIM the worship HE so deserves for HIS faithfulness, and for me to just simply love HIM so that I can stay faithful to HIS will...

As we sang this worship song, I couldn't help remember the desperate time of need I was in with my Little Lovely, and how I received HIS faithful love of comfort, in an instant...HIS faithfulness represents so many things and in this particular time of need, HIS love showered me...It's so true when GOD allows trials in our life how evident it is HE is testing our faith...When I mentioned HIS love of comfort came in an instant I say that in a way for you to understand that HIS love waited for me to respond...As I was in my desperate state of need is when my unfaithfulness would come into play...But when I would finally open my eyes to remember,  GOD is here along side of me orchestrating all of this, instantly, HIS love of comfort poured over me!! In that time of desperation I remember moment by moment I would forget and then moment by moment I would remember...The great thing was, as I practiced this moment by moment need for my GOD, it got easier and easier to stay in fellowship with HIM moment by moment and no matter what came our way I was covered!!! I pray that makes sense to you...

I almost feel like the apostle Paul when he explains Romans 7:14-20...HA! I know that I do, that I don't that I do, but don't do what I do, do, do...HA! 23 times he says some form of word "do"in NIV version...

Anyway, with all of this said, (I'm so dramatic) I wanted to share more about our Faithful GOD!! We found out on October 17th we will finalize our adoption of our Little Lovely!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a whoop-whoop?!?!??! The attorney called at first to tell me we would do the final adoption on Oct. 3rd, but she still had to confirm...So when she called to tell me that date wasn't available, I sighed...BUT, then she said she scheduled it for October 17th, immediately my frown was turned upside down... What's the significance of October 17th, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birrrtthhhdayyyy, I got a present from JESUSSSSS, Happyyyyyy birthdayyyyy to meeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Sing it wit me friends!!!

So precious....I'm getting a hand delivered, special birthday present from my Sweet, Loving, Faithful, Amazing, Sovereign, LORD!!! 

Can't wait to celebrate, which I might add, I am making this an open invitation to everyone that stayed faithful in prayer for us...Invite to follow :)