Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here are some random pictures I took that I really like...You know, I'm a wanna be photographer and I rate my pictures from OK to really OK...I just love close up pictures...I also think it helps when the kids are stinking adorable...I also, think it helps to look as beautiful as my BFF does...She got her hair colored and I love how rich it looks in the picture...And guess what my BFF, I hardly enhanced the photo, so your just naturally perty :)
And yes, that is me being proud of my 1st pair of skinny jeans at 43 yrs old...For the life of me I couldn't find a pair that looked good on me...I think they look okay..I cracked up when I went to stretch myself into them kicking my legs every which way I knew how, sticking my hands in the pockets so there are no inside pocket creases, only to find they don't have front pockets...LOL...Their fake!! Ha! I only took this picture because a friend of mine (Sydra) said she wanted to see what they look like on me and so here it is Sydra...Just for you...And everyone else of course...Ha!

Oh, and the last picture of course can only be understood if you have boys that love Call of Duty...Well, I have boys and I still don't understand what it all means, but now I kind of do...Blue is: Quick Revive, Red is: Juggernog Soda, Orange is: Double tap Root Beer, and Green is: Speed Cola...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

365:225, 226, 227

I mean really don't you just want to nibble on that bottom lip or what!! Bye-Bye my little Jeremiah...We love you!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


It was BIG, it was MONSTROUS, AND it was near DEATH EXPERIENCE!!!

Here I am wanting to give my boy Jeremiah a bath…Excited,  because I know how much he loves it…I’m checking the temperature of the water and out of nowhere this slimy, slithery, yucky thing is going crazy in my tub…I scream bloody murder, “AHHHHHHHHH, Ray come quick”!!!! I  barely escaped the clutches of death!!! (He told me later he thought I was hurt…LOL)

Yes folks,  that there in the photo is what almost ate me…I know it was out to get me…My heroic husband gently picks up this scared little gecko to set it free, and I’m still freaking out because I don’t want him to drop it in the house…My kids wanted to hold it, so they graciously brought it outside so there was no accidents…My heart,  ready to come out of my skin, I yell, “Wait, let me get the camera”…Ha! I crack myself up…I only blogged this because I loved the way the picture came out. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My little Jeremiah is doing so well...I'm so blessed to have the friends that I do here...Just a phone call away and I was stocked with the clothes and blankets I didn't have for a boy...A friend of mine lent me those 2 huge bins of clothes that are in the photo...She just had twins, so that means double the quantity of clothes...

I've also decided to try these "tommee tippee" bottles, and I have to say I am not impressed yet...I want to do away with the Dr. Brown bottles, well, because as you can see they have a lot of parts and pieces I can do without...Funny thing is, in the photo the stopper is missing...These tommee tippees" are pretty easy to clean AND they look cool...The problem for me is I don't think Jeremiah has ever had a "boo-bee" before, and he is not use to working hard at getting the goods...The nipple on these things really resembles the breast...They look like the perfect nipple...Ohhhh, Ummmm, maybe I can use them to put inside my....Oh forget it...Ha!
Anyway, I'm going to press on and I'm sure he will get use to it...Until then, that's all there is to report so far...Praise JESUS for raising up people to invent things to make it easier for mommies...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's finally here!! Structure, consistency, routine...I can smell the aroma of Peace...During the summer months things can get, well, out of whack!! By the end of summer I long for school to be back in session...As I prepared my boys for what was to come "MONDAY" they graciously asked if I could make them an end of summer cake...Chocolate glaze cake..."SURE kids"...It didn't taste good to me at all, but hey loved it...That's all that matters...Right? Right? :)

So Monday came and we didn't do what I call "full blown school"...Really just reviewing...Since we will be moving into our new home in a few weeks I didn't want to start my precious routine and then have it broken again...Plus, everything is all over the place...We had an awesome school day and the biggest blessing of it all was to see them excited about not doing the same things they did everyday in the summer...They were reading, looking at magazines, drawing, and researching the Lego mini-figures Series 5...Never once did they find interest in X-BOX...Well at least up until 7pm they didn't...HA!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


OK, OK, OK, I know what your going to say...Let me see if I get it right...."That's disgusting, that's nasty, that's just wrong, gross, why, why would he do that"..Well, let me tell ya...I obviously was taken back about it so much I took a picture...I'm definitely not surprised because, well,  I know my husband...You might say to yourself, "My husband would never"... And he probably wouldn't and you yourself might not go near him...

But, I do have to admit, if you just watched your "dirty" man hard at work, come into the house, and kiss you as passionately as I was, you might just change your mind too...Ha! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Ok, I love this little girl in the picture and tried real hard to take her out...LOL...I just wanted my BFF'S in there, but it didn't happen...So here they are...My precious, precious, sweet, loving amazing friends...Lisa, is top left and that is her little girl...You already know Kim (in green) and Rachel (beautiful smile) I love you sooo much, I thank GOD for you each and every day...They all bless me more than I deserve, and I'm grateful they tolerate my wretched ways....Aren't they so stinking pretty?  I have been blessed with friends upon friends upon friends...I cherish and love each and every one of them also...These 3 ladies though hold a special place in my heart, because they allow me to call, text, and email them a million times a day and never complain....HA!

I have had many victories because HE had them first!

Hmmm, just sitting here at work with nothing to do…I love when that happens…I’m able to tune out for a few minutes and thought I would try to write about what the LORD has been doing in my personal life,  other than the million other blessings HE pours out on me…I will say this…With all the busyness going on in my life with fixing our new home, preparing for home school, preparing to pack my old home and work, I still have the void of taking care of babies…I don’t need a break from taking care of babies and I miss having them around…My husband thought it smart to hold off after Damia went back home July 19th…Since all this new house stuff going on and a major trial (that I can’t mention) happening in our lives he said to hold off…I didn’t like but, he was so right…Now though, things have been moving into our normal and I’m ready again…I’m going to ask him today if we can take some babies home :) I can pack a box and feed a bottle because “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me (Phillipians 4:13) I love that verse…I’ve had many victories because HE has had them first…Praise JESUS!
I was sitting with a friend last night and we were sharing all the opportunities the LORD gives us to minister to strangers, and to the broken people in our world…What a privilege?! My friend just got out of prison, and is now in a half way house till October… Apparently, it’s worse than the prison she came from…Sad really…She shares with me the constant spiritual warfare going on around her…Seriously, like demon stuff…I asked her if she was scared, she said a little, but she presses on because the Bible says, “for when I am weak, I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10)…Gosh, it’s so true…Praise JESUS!!!!!!

I was thinking back to this past year alone…I’ve had amazing opportunities to minister to people, strangers, broken people…I’ve put myself in positions where I think most people would say, I am nuts!!! But really when I think back to those situations I remember NEVER having a feeling of fear upon me…I think in those moments of being in what people would say “danger” , that it’s not me approaching strangers or the broken, but that it’s actually CHRIST in me that is presented to them…

My recent adventure,  was driving back from my run with Lisa, (another BFF-I’ll post a picture of her, along with my other 2 BFF’S) waiting at the light ready to pass my new house…I see this couple-a man, a woman with a dog…This woman is literally in the middle of the street, looking distraught and weary…I’m at this light, waiting like a race car driver for it to turn green so that I can find out what the heck she is doing in the middle of the street crying to this man….I pull up like a bat outta ____, roll down the window and say,

ME: “What is going on? Are you OK?

THEM: “Jes, we are homeless coming back from my brothers house and she        is very hot and tired (she is sitting on the curb of a main road at this point).  I told her the store is very close and to keep moving.”  (It’s about 100 degrees).

ME:  “Sell, that dog man, and get some money for what you need?”
ME:  “Well, do you want me to buy you something, food/water?”

THEM: “OK, thank you, maybe a ride to the store?”

ME: “Um, NO! I mean yes, I mean, get in”. (He seen me hesitate on the ride)

THEM:  “It’s ok you don’t have to”.

ME:  “No, get in right now!” (They get in-him in front, her in back)
ME:  (My husband calls-I tell him to stay on the phone with me because I just picked up 2 complete strangers) I say to them, “If you do anything stupid, I will crash my car in this brick wall, I promise you…I’m not afraid to die, because I will be with JESUS in a blink of an eye, and I don’t know where you will be, but I am not afraid”!!

(What am I nuts!!!)

THEM:  “No, we thank you so much, we won’t do anything stupid”.

ME:  I continue to drive not even a ½ mile talking to them about JESUS, asking them if HE is their SAVIOR…

THEM:  They say, “Jes”…

ME:  (I said in a firm, stern voice) CLING TO HIM!! Ask HIM…Talk to HIM…Rely on HIM…Breath HIM, you need to”.  

ME:  We get to the convenient store “Can I pray with you”?

THEM: “Jes, please”…

After the power of the Holy Spirit working through me was finished praying, I opened my eyes and looked first into the eyes of this strange man balling his eyes out crying like a baby thanking me…I look in the back, she is balling her eyes out…Then I start crying begging them to let me do something for them…Asking them what do they need and how can I help more…They kept thanking me and thanking me and said we will be ok…They got out of my van and went on their way….Who were they? Are they the ones in scripture the Bible talks about   "Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it". (Hebrews 13:2)

Seriously, I was in awe all day that day, at the privilege, the opportunity, and the chance to be used by our Mighty, Powerful, Wonderful, Loving KING!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


This is my "beautiful disaster"....And the reason why I have not kept up with my blog!!! The LORD blessed us with a new house that needs some fixin'...The LORD also blessed us with a 2002 Chevy Tahoe...Funny thing is the house is bigger and the Tahoe fits 8 passengers...But, we only have 4 people in our family...Hmmm, maybe, just maybe the LORD will extend our family with adoption....I pray so...

This beautiful disaster you see is my husband and some of his friends scraping off the stupid, ugly, unnecessary, dumb, popcorn ceiling!! Who thought of this style anyway?  I don't think I know one person that liked a  popcorn ceiling even when it was in style...And if they did like it, explain why, I'd really like to know...Ha!