Thursday, November 29, 2012


So apparently the photo before this one, had pink teeth...I had strong feelings about her teeth NOT being PINK!!!! But, I KNOW my BFF wouldn't lie to me...I don't see pink, people IIII showed didn't see pink, but apparently the comments from other followers agree they are pink...Sooo, you know what I say about that-PINK, STINK, WINK...Let's move on...Hahahaha!!!

If you would like to comment and critique the photo below, I would LOVEEEE feed back, but I want to hear nothing about the word PINK!!! Got it! Ha!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I do have to say this shot is pretty good!! 

Don't you think? And if not, then you need to leave a comment and tell me what I don't see...I really want to know...

Remember, I'm from New York I can handle it...







It can't be that I'm 21 pictures behind...But, I am...No, I did not make a mistake with the numbers on my post...I know it shows I should be posting 21 pictures, so cut me some slack...KIM!!!!  I'm hoping with all of this slacking I'm doing I can get MY family photos done...I'm working on it, it's on the calendar for Monday...We'll see!

I took these pictures today of this awesome, awesome, awesome family...They allowed me the privilage to take their photo...They kinda didn't have a choice...I've had a birthday project going on for myself...Basically, instead of me receiving any sort of gift, I've been going around doing things for other people...Anyways, this fab family asked if I could take their pictures as part of helping me fulfill my project...My dear friend Carrie, (the beautiful mommy in the picture) takes amazing pictures...I don't know what she sees in me...I actually used her camera and her lens...The only thing I did was put HER camera on MY tripod and hit the shutter button...Ha! I did shoot in manual...I'm not boasting at all!!

I have to say I'm pretty happy with them...It also helps that this family is, BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And, super fun...The teen hottie is my new running partner...She looks pretty danty and delicate in the photo, but don't let her fool you-she kicks my butt and makes me work for my runs!

So here it is, hope you like!


    Sunday, November 4, 2012


    I'm rethinking this 365 day project, cause, well, it kinda keeps me on my toes...I'm afraid if I don't do it I won't post pictures...Then if I do it, and post everyday,  I hesitate to post random pictures so it won't cause any confusion to the number for the day...But really, do people pay attention to the numbers I post...I think not...


    For 2 months I waited for this event...I talked and talked about it...I promoted it telling friends and family  how awesome the glow show was going to be...How fun it will be to watch hot air balloons glow high up in the sky...My camera was ready, I was ready, my boy's were ready...And then, it comes...But, not what I expected or hoped for....It was kinda lame....I was expecting the balloons to light up and float off into the sky looking beautiful....Welp, the balloons never left the ground...Ha!


    People were packed around the balloons waiting for them to take off...Instead they filled up the balloons and  just stood there looking pretty....They had them glowing to a 1-2-3 song and randomly each balloon would light up...I couldn't for the life of me get my camera to work....I so wanted to shoot in manual, but couldn't get my camera to take the shot...I put it in automatic and still had trouble...I found myself pushing down on the shutter button thinking if I press hard enough it will shoot...I saw tons of photographers with their "big" cameras and lenses along with their tripod...I knew a slow shutter was required for the best shot, but I had 4 kids and a baby in the stroller...Gimme a break! 

    Anyway, the night was awesome...I ended up meeting with an awesome family and we both knew the guy who coordinated this event...He gave all of us free tickets for the carnival rides...Huge blessing...The kids had fun and so did I...