Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy little feet on a happy little boy....Yes, I was brave on Saturday, that doesn't happen often...Ha! I took my boys, Trinity, my BFF's 10yr old, 8 yr old, & 22 month old to the park...Whew!! It really was a nice day here in Vegas and I wanted to get out and do something fun with my kids...Naturally, they wanted their friends to come, and so, it was about them and them it will be about! We had a great time...

CZ (the 22-month old) was all over the place...Sand was his best friend that day and it was everywhere...I remember when my boys were that young and I had a hard time with them getting so dirty, but having the husband that I do (praise JESUS) he wasn't having it...Their boys and boys they will be...I think my kids would be whimpy and whinny if they just had to listen to me...Oh, how that wouldn't be good...Anyway, I didn't take many pictures (hmmm, I wonder why) but I did enjoy taking this...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

P52 Week 8-Cabin Fever and (366-52-57)

Gosh, I couldn't think of any pictures I could of taken for "Cabin Fever"...When I think of Cabin Fever I think of exactly what my BFF Kim has on her blog for "Cabin Fever"...I would love to have that kind of "Cabin Fever".

Since I've been home with my little Lovely for 5 days now, I can relate to the term, especially today...I need to get out of my house because I now have "Cabin Fever"!!!!!

I  picked up my camera and played around with it, and just randomly took pictures around my house...I thought it was fitting because these are some of the things I've been staring at lately...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Edit Me 2012-Week 8 (366-51)

What an adorable little girl! Another photo not needing editing, but I love joining in on the fun...This is the daughter of Bree..You can click on the link to see more of her amazing photography!

 bree his honey and her mama

And here is my edit:  I think I did crop it a little...I played around with the exposure and contrast...I also adjusted the highlight and shadows, but not much....I hit my 1960's tool, rounded the edges, and immediately knew I was done...The picture looks so natural...I really liked it...Agree?

Monday, February 20, 2012


She's home!!!
Praise JESUS...Praising JESUS anyway...That is what I signed up for...To worship and praise HIS name...I laughed with a friend today and told her I bowed down on my knees in thankfulness and noticed some dust bunnies under my bed...Ha!
My Little Lovely is doing well...She is a little rattly, at times, but for the most part she seems okay...I'm so nervous that she will have to go back to the hospital...It doesn't seem real that she is here in our home...Anything she does out of the ordinary I get nervous...I just want to her stay home and get healthy...The picture above is what she has to take 2-3x a day...It's all very confusing and it's A LOT!!  Please continue to pray for my Little Lovely that she will stay well for a long time, and of course that the LORD would miraculously heal her so that she would never have to get a heart or lung transplant...

Thank you JESUS for today!

366-47, 48, 49

Friday, February 17, 2012

In GOD we Trust (366-46)

It’s pretty amazing to me how GOD is right in the midst of our lives…
Sometimes we recognize him and  sometimes we don’t…
Remember everywhere GOD is, so is Satan! Satan wants to distract us from all things that bring GOD Glory…That’s his job…He does it well…Sometimes all too well in my life…I HATE that! 

Experiencing this trial with Trinity has really changed my walk with the LORD…I feel HIS Peace, Comfort, Holy Spirit, and so much more…The opportunities the LORD has invited me to be a part of, has blessed me more than I could ever deserve to see…I can’t imagine how many times Satan has distracted me and opportunities I’ve missed…Needless to say, what I have experienced so far has been amazing! And guess what Satan, you can’t take it away…HA!

So my new invitation to be a part of HIS glory happened last night at, welp, where else, the hospital….Trinity was transferred to another hospital to have a procedure done by an ENT doctor (ear, nose & throat)…I arrived at the new hospital with a friend and headed up to the PICU…They told us Trinity was still getting her procedure and they would call us when she is done…We waited in the small, compact waiting room…There were only 3 seats left…
Perfect! Immediately I needed to get the down low on this family sitting there, and here is how it went:

Their family was in Utah on some quads…Their 10 year old Riley was on a quad with a helmet and a driver…The driver took a sharp turn, Riley flew off, quad landed on top of her, puncturing her lungs…She stopped breathing…Her family ran over, got her in the car, and started CPR... Flight for life came and transported her to Las Vegas…She is on life support has some brain damage because of lack of oxygen…Doctors told the family, she will die, and not make it through the night…Well, that was Sunday…She’s still alive! Praise JESUS! They don’t know if she will continue to survive or what condition she will be in if she does, they just have to wait…As their telling me the story, I’m feeling sick inside for them, but knew what an opportunity I had to minister to their hearts about JESUS…And so we did…What a glorious moment…

When the Holy Spirit starts moving in your life and you let it, you can’t really remember word for word what you said…But I do know they were listening and embracing the richness of what the Holy Spirit said!! After talking a bit I asked if they were involved in a church so that they could ask their church to do a prayer chain and to dedicate it to Riley…She said she has not been to church and mentioned some of their family members were mormon…She also said she doesn’t care where the prayers come from, a bishop, priest, etc…I told her she should care because JESUS CHRIST IS GOD and that is the only One we should be praying to…Not that these other gods have any power, but I just wanted to make sure she knew who I was praying to…The best part of the night was the family allowed me to pray with them…Again the Holy Spirit took over…Another glorious moment…

Please add Riley to your prayer list for as long as the LORD leads you to pray for her and the family…I don’t sense a strong walk with the LORD in them, and I do believe other influences have come their way…I made sure to tell them that in all things JESUS CHRIST,  who is GOD will be getting all the glory…

 No matter what our circumstances are GOD is always in control, always in our midst and always knows what is going on…We can take those circumstances and conform to how we think it should all go or how it should all end…But, what happens is Satan distracts you from the REAL circumstance which is, how does GOD want us to handle this circumstance? Are we seeking HIM in knowing what to do next?  Do we do what we do or what HE wants us to do?  Are we taking every invitation/opportunity to seek in knowing how the Spirit will use us for HIS Glory?  I bet if we do those things, we would feel HIS Peace, Comfort and Joy in any circumstance that comes our way…

Also, a quick update on Trinity and prayer request…Trinity’s  windpipe was the size of a pin hole and that is why she was having so much trouble breathing…They opened it up to the size it should be and gave her steroids…They will have to watch her for 3 days on the roids…Then if all goes well she will come home! Just pray nothing else goes wrong with her…

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit….Romans 15:13

Thursday, February 16, 2012

P52 Week 7 -True Love (366-45)

So there were 2 pictures I immediately thought of for this challenge...My True Love, JESUS or my True Love, husband...I really wanted a nice recent picture of me and my husband, but as you can see, I didn't get one...
Before we left for dinner I tried to get some pictures of us...NOT!! I looked in the mirror last night thinking I looked pretty good, then took some pictures and decided I hate how I look...I ended it, and moved on because I started to get annoyed and didn't want to ruin my night...We celebrated Valentines Day last night at a Thai restaurant...It was so romantic...My husband kissed my neck all night and told me how much he loved me...It's still like our first date....So blessed!

I can't say this photo is "the next best thing" because this is the BEST thing that ever happened in my life...If it wasn't for the Cross I wouldn't have the other best things in my life....Thank you my JESUS, my LORD, my LIFE, my TRUE LOVE!

 I took this picture at my church during the
 "Passion Play" performance...Pretty amazing!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Edit Me 2012-Week 7 (366-44)

Edit Me Challenge Week 7-This is an awesome photo from Rosie...You can visit her at 
Here is my edit for the week on this amazing photo and here is what I did:
Cropped, used the 1960's tool & the Cinemascope tool, but you can't tell..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My sweet, sweet boys!! Their so tough, yet gentle as doves...Soon as Matthew opened his eyes today, he excitingly wished me a Happy Valentines Day...I smooch'em...He tells me my present for Valentine's Day is, anytime I need lovin, just ask...I usually get that anyway, but this time it was going to be more than ever...So every time I said I need a Valentine, no matter where we were during the day, he would love on me....

Mikey's gift to me was locked up in his lock box...He has this steel box, almost looks like a fishing tackle box...He hands me his box and tells me my gift is inside...The box was securely locked with a belt...LOL...I open the box knowing I'm not allow to keep the box and inside were drawings of the family in stick figure style with our names...The next drawing was Mikey and I holding hands as stick figures (my hair was a disaster, probably how he sees me...LOL) and then little square tickets that read "lov"...He does know how to spell "love", but when we say it, we drop the "e" and kiss...

This was actually made up when one of our foster daughters was babbling...It sounded like she was saying, lov, lov, lov...So now we mimic that...I love my boys so much...They are truly growing into Godly men...Now that's a gift!


What more can I ask for?  My husband still thinks I'm sexy...He continues to fill my life with laughter...He calls me his beautiful wife, thanks me for loving him, and gives praise to JESUS for it!!
I'm the richest woman in the world... 
I love you babe!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


My little Lovely is so lovely...
You can read her update, just click on the top right of my blog page titled 
"Foster/Adopt Journey February 13, 2012"

Friday, February 10, 2012


Photography wise, this is not a great photo...Cracking up laughing wise, it's perfect...
As I was teaching a writing assignment today to my boys, I heard some giggling happening behind me...As I get ready to turn around with one eye brow up for interrupting...THAT is what I turned around to...Gotta love it!! And I do, every minute...Well, not every minute...HA!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

P52 Week 6-Drink Up! (366-39)

I know weird combination...I did the obvious for this challenge...I LOVE my coffee in the morning and I LOVE it really sweet...I also like wine...But, MAYBE a glass or two a month, if that...I just happened to have one tonight, so I thought it would be fun to just be weird...HA!