Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy little feet on a happy little boy....Yes, I was brave on Saturday, that doesn't happen often...Ha! I took my boys, Trinity, my BFF's 10yr old, 8 yr old, & 22 month old to the park...Whew!! It really was a nice day here in Vegas and I wanted to get out and do something fun with my kids...Naturally, they wanted their friends to come, and so, it was about them and them it will be about! We had a great time...

CZ (the 22-month old) was all over the place...Sand was his best friend that day and it was everywhere...I remember when my boys were that young and I had a hard time with them getting so dirty, but having the husband that I do (praise JESUS) he wasn't having it...Their boys and boys they will be...I think my kids would be whimpy and whinny if they just had to listen to me...Oh, how that wouldn't be good...Anyway, I didn't take many pictures (hmmm, I wonder why) but I did enjoy taking this...


  1. Love it! Love the edit as well!

  2. So sweet!! :-) they had such a good time!! Thanks for taking them xoxoOX

  3. haha! I miss going to the park, but NOT the sand!! cute photo!