Monday, February 20, 2012


She's home!!!
Praise JESUS...Praising JESUS anyway...That is what I signed up for...To worship and praise HIS name...I laughed with a friend today and told her I bowed down on my knees in thankfulness and noticed some dust bunnies under my bed...Ha!
My Little Lovely is doing well...She is a little rattly, at times, but for the most part she seems okay...I'm so nervous that she will have to go back to the hospital...It doesn't seem real that she is here in our home...Anything she does out of the ordinary I get nervous...I just want to her stay home and get healthy...The picture above is what she has to take 2-3x a day...It's all very confusing and it's A LOT!!  Please continue to pray for my Little Lovely that she will stay well for a long time, and of course that the LORD would miraculously heal her so that she would never have to get a heart or lung transplant...

Thank you JESUS for today!


  1. Wow... that is a lot to keep track of! I know God will be with you!

  2. Your little babadeedee is home! You CAN Do all things through Christ!

  3. Yippee! I'm so happy she's home! Praise Jesus! We will continue to pray for her healing.

  4. I love what Kim said --- SO true!!! He alone will give you everything you need in every moment xoxoxoxo

  5. Thank you sweet Jesus for bringing their precious Little Lovely home. Please continue to heal your precious little one and continue to be Denise's portion and cup filling her with your grace, strength, peace, and wisdom.
    Will continue to pray.
    Love & miss ya!