Sunday, February 5, 2012


Most of the time I care what I look like in photo’s…As you can clearly see, I look like I had a long day…But really peeps, I could care less and it ain’t about me…LOOK WHO I GOT TO HOLD TODAY!!!!  My sweet little fighter…FINALLY, FINALLY, I got to hold her…She wasn’t having the best day, but I didn’t care, even holding her while she was upset was all worth it…

So much has been going on in the past few weeks, it’s been hard to remember everything that Trinity has gone through…There has been much!!  When I visited her on Saturday her pacemaker Doc came in to check on her and he said she was doing really well…He actually said he was surprised as to how well she was doing and that her heart shrank!!! OK, get on your knees in praise to JESUS!!! I know I am…Can you believe that? Yes, that’s our GOD!!

She developed a fever for a few days, infections, getting intubated again, she was on 3 different antibiotics, etc…I could go on and on…Finally after kicking all of that her lung kept collapsing… That’s where we are at right now…She’s had so much mucus in her lungs and they won’t expand… She has to wear a mask almost over her entire face, except her eyes of course, and pressure pumps through the mask to help her lungs expand…SHE HATES IT!! But, over the course of a few days they keep the mask on for less time and she breathes on her own more and more…They will put on and take off the mask for the next day or 2…Then, once she is well enough to breath fully on her own without getting tired of breathing and possibly stop breathing (Help me, JESUS) she will start to be fed…She will have to feed through a bottle several feedings before she can come home…Oh, I pray that will be soon…It’s been a month since I took my little Lovely in the emergency room…She has jumped through many hoops and I pray when we get her home, we can concentrate on getting her stronger and stay healthy…

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Trinity…She still needs prayer and so do we…The LORD has shown me many, many lessons through this trial…I thank HIM for being gentle with me and I’m privileged as to this journey HE has me and my family on for the wonderful glory HE so deserves…I have another story to share that will touch your heart and pretty much have you balling your eyes out...I’m going to try and type it out tonight….


  1. You look beautiful! And Praise Jesus! I am so thankful her heart shrunk. God is good!

  2. Continuing to pray for Trinity, the doctors, and your family. Thanks for the update.

  3. I am already crying and praising Jesus at the same time. She is beautiful and I am so touch by your ministry towards her. Love you and I have never met you.