Monday, March 18, 2013

Project 52-2013 (Week 10 & 11)

Been a bit out of the loop...So here are my catch up photos and more...I received some news that will test my faith, in my Sweet, Loving, JESUS and so my priorities are a little different...You can read about it under my foster/adopt page...

My family and I have developed a new hobby...Geocaching...Super, super, family fun...We are hooked... Although, these photos don't represent geocaching it does represent the fun we had as a family while looking for a cache...My husband cracks me up how he plays with the kids and now Little Lovely is part of the fun and loving every minute of it...She was cracking up when he stopped and she walked sideways from being dizzy...17 months old and she's already understanding the goofiness of our family....Oh, and there is me ready to do the victory dance after beating my boys in a race...Is that something to be doing a victory dance about if they are 9 & 10 yrs oldHA!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family fun!

So we made up our own tradition today! The Novack's 1st Annual Hamburger Making Contest!...I had to be a judge because the stuff they wanted to put on the hamburger would have put major pounds on me, and we all know how I've been feeling lately....Boo yah!

My husband was the winner...Surprise, Surprise...I made bacon, chilli, french fries, and fried eggs for hem...They also added jalapeno's, horse radish, barbecue sauce, Doritos, flaming hot Cheetos, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.... They were so proud of their masterpieces, as was I...Top right picture is the winner...Good times!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 52-2013 (Week 9)

I stared at this for a while thinking it looks pretty dreary, yet there's beauty in it...Kinda like how I've been feeling about myself lately...

Me: Dreary 

Me to GOD: Beauty

Thank the good Lord for that!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

Yep, I did a 12K today...That is 7.45645 miles!!! Gotta get those extra inches in there...Every inch counts in my book...What a crazy run...There's that "little" Beauty I run with...She never stinking sweats, it's ridiculous! When we are done with our runs, I look like a tomato face and she looks like she's ready to walk the runway....Whateverrrrrr!!! Did I mention she is only 16? HA! I say "little" because after looking at these pictures of myself, (there was more than what you see here), I cannot believe what I look like...I couldn't believe what I looked like at the race, running with these butt lifted women, let alone the photos of me...


You think I go out 3x a week and do cardio, I'd be a fit 45 year old, but I am by no means fit...I'm definitely healthy, but fit...NO WAY!! Not after seeing these pictures...My gosh!!! I think that's what I needed to motivate me to think twice about grabbing a handful of Redvines, Whoppers, Snickers, Reeses, etc. that my husband brings home for me...I look in the pantry for a healthy snack and get tripped up, by that yummy stuff ;0

Speaking of tripped up...I got tripped up by that race today...I'm feeling soooo good going into mile 2.5, I'm approaching the Throne room of GRACE, and bam!!!!! Hills, hills, and more hills...I remember doing this trail as a hike and remember some steep hills, but jogging it...Oh my goshhhhhhhh!!! It was a nightmare... First, we are going down these steep hills, I'm already getting discouraged because when we turn around we have to get up these steep hills...So, for 1.5 miles we were up and down...It was hard because I didn't train for hills...So my legs are now sore and I still have 3 miles to go!!! We did finish, but I didn't feel like I finished strong, I was exhausted!! And, I still am even typing this...My boys were happy no school today! HA!

(OH and the Beauty won 1st place for her age group)