Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family fun!

So we made up our own tradition today! The Novack's 1st Annual Hamburger Making Contest!...I had to be a judge because the stuff they wanted to put on the hamburger would have put major pounds on me, and we all know how I've been feeling lately....Boo yah!

My husband was the winner...Surprise, Surprise...I made bacon, chilli, french fries, and fried eggs for hem...They also added jalapeno's, horse radish, barbecue sauce, Doritos, flaming hot Cheetos, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.... They were so proud of their masterpieces, as was I...Top right picture is the winner...Good times!


  1. Heart attack on a bun! Love his face! I am cracking up! It is the I am in love look! Too funny! What a fun tradition. I think we will steal the idea with veggie burgers! Haahahaha! Love your crazy family!

  2. Kim took the words out of my mouth. Heart attack was my first thought too! I'm sure it tasted really good though. Most "heart attack" foods do. What a fun tradition!

  3. Not my kind of hamburger - but he looks like he is enjoying it...