Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here are some random pictures I took that I really like...You know, I'm a wanna be photographer and I rate my pictures from OK to really OK...I just love close up pictures...I also think it helps when the kids are stinking adorable...I also, think it helps to look as beautiful as my BFF does...She got her hair colored and I love how rich it looks in the picture...And guess what my BFF, I hardly enhanced the photo, so your just naturally perty :)
And yes, that is me being proud of my 1st pair of skinny jeans at 43 yrs old...For the life of me I couldn't find a pair that looked good on me...I think they look okay..I cracked up when I went to stretch myself into them kicking my legs every which way I knew how, sticking my hands in the pockets so there are no inside pocket creases, only to find they don't have front pockets...LOL...Their fake!! Ha! I only took this picture because a friend of mine (Sydra) said she wanted to see what they look like on me and so here it is Sydra...Just for you...And everyone else of course...Ha!

Oh, and the last picture of course can only be understood if you have boys that love Call of Duty...Well, I have boys and I still don't understand what it all means, but now I kind of do...Blue is: Quick Revive, Red is: Juggernog Soda, Orange is: Double tap Root Beer, and Green is: Speed Cola...


  1. cute pics of the kids...
    I wore skinny jeans in junior high... did you??? I had to lay on the bed and use a hanger inside the zipper to pull them up. lol...

  2. Great pictures... I own no skinny jeans. I like to breath LOL... and I would have some horrible muffin top.

  3. You look great Denise!! By the way, I thought you were younger!! I believe the Lord makes us look younger than what we truly are hehehe ;) xox