Sunday, October 10, 2010

If I really focus

Gosh, I always have so much to say....Praise the LORD for typing, I don't think I would be able to say all I want to say if there wasn't a keyboard for typing....Just imagine being psycho me for a minute...Annoying isn't it?..Today is a home school day for me and I just can't get into it...We already took off a week of school and I need to get back on it...After coming home from church today I debated, school or no school...Welp, it was school, but not for long...Instead, I've been typing this blog since and I  keep stopping to get my thoughts together and this is what came to mind!
I ask the LORD to help me keep my focus on HIM and not myself or things that just don't matter...Whew! it's hard...I'm so fleshy and love myself so much it's a struggle every minute of my life...I forget who my GOD is during the day alot of times....So my constant prayer is that one day, as I continue to  grow in the LORD, I'll forget  me and think more of HIM....Isn't that what we were born to do?  Glorify HIM...Yes, friends that is the reason...Nothing else matters on this earth except sacrificing ourselves for HIS glory!! Man, I think about my life, I love it so much....I love my relationship with my husband, my kids, my family, my amazing friends and everything that is in it...I love life...Do I love JESUS that much? Do I focus on HIM more than any other "being" or "thing" in my life?? Sometimes...But not all the time...I do love the moments when I do focus on HIM, and it IS daily, but not enough...There are so many distractions and I'm so conditioned to this world that  I lose focus of HIM and my purpose....Oh, praise you JESUS, HE loves me so much and has so much grace upon grace for me...Help me to focus more of YOU and less of me...Empty me!!

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