Saturday, October 23, 2010

MMMM….What to say?

Well, I almost hesitated to write this blog because of my pride…But here it goes...For the past 2 days I have missed my quiet time…Some people might think, eh,it’s ok, GOD forgives you.....Ummm, yeah, I know that…His blood covers every stinkin thing about me!! That’s not the point, I feel empty, lost, disconnected, and detached from Him, soon as I stop being busy…Don’t get me wrong, I continue to pray daily, I talk to the LORD daily, I pray over my kids daily, I pray for my husband daily, talk about His word daily, etc. etc…That is normal everyday stuff that just happens automatically when you love JESUS…
He transforms you into His image the more you spend time with Him, you can't help but want to pray, talk and feel His presence in your life...

It’s that time alone with the LORD…Just me and Him…When I come to His throne room, I come vulnerable, innocent, separated from the world…I know He is waiting, always waiting to hear from His children…I know tomorrow during worship, I’m going to loose it…I know when I hear the sweet words being sung to the LORD I’m going to break down…Those are usually the best worship moments I have with the LORD…I feel like I’m in His presence singing to Him and it humbles me…To know that my King loves me so much, waits for me as if I never left, then pours His liquid love on me to tell me it's OK...I pray that the LORD would never allow me to get comfortable in not spending time with him, that I would feel empty, lost, disconnected, and detached when I am not with Him…Thank you for loving me!
Give us today our daily bread….Matthew 6:11