Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For you my friends!

I went to a home school activity today and got to see all my peeps!  Some were sick so I haven’t seen them in a whole 2 WEEKS!! It felt like a life time…Even when I don’t see my bestest friend Rachel for a day I get a little nauseous!  She has that cute baby that you’ve seen on my blog…Kim, I feel the same way when your gone, don’t think I would forget you…Running without you makes me want to vomit!!! I love being so dramatic, I crack myself up…Gosh, I have to say I feel truly blessed with the friends around me in my life…Don’t think for a moment I forgot about my New York friends…You’re all irreplaceable!!! I love you dearly…I remember leaving my NY friends…It was a really sad time in my life…I remember calling my friend Diane and Christine all the time…No, I mean ALL the time…Like 5-6 times a day.. I didn’t have a life established in Vegas yet, they already did, and still needed to go on with their daily lives…They were so gracious when I called the 5th time....I love you girls!!

I didn’t have any friends when I moved to Vegas, it hurt…Praise GOD I had my husband and boys…It really wasn’t until I surrendered my life to JESUS that HE started to answer my prayers to bring me friends…It was funny how it happened…I wasn’t saved right away so I would make friends here and there with people, but they were weird…Something wasn’t right….If you know me, I’m not the quiet type…. I can make friends pretty easy…I’m raw & transparent a friend has told me…I say, I’m an open book, I have nothing to hide…I’m unashamed and washed with the blood of JESUS, so if HE can accept me knowing what HE washed me from, I think I can make it pretty simple to get to know me…

Anyway, HE  answered my prayers, and abundantly… HE knew exactly what I needed at the right time…I remember I was having a dinner party with some girlfriends of mine here in Vegas…I just wanted to make them dinner and tell them how much they mean to me, and how much I love them… I remember the LORD gave me this scripture verse for that night Oh, worship the LORD in beauty of holiness”…. Psalm 96:9….”Beauty of holiness”….It reminded me of these ladies that were going to sit at my dinner table, and I remember telling them that we are made “whole” through the blood of JESUS, and we can worship HIM together in “holiness”…. The unique part about it, was that each lady had the attributes of CHRIST…There they were,  7 of my closes girlfriends at the time, each with a piece of who JESUS is…And now!!! Years later, I have many more friends, with the all the other attributes of CHRIST  I never had before, and it’s overwhelming divine!! Thank you to all my sweet friends wherever you are…I love you truly…
Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends…
John 15:13


  1. I love you too my friend!! You're a beautiful blessing to all who know you! xoxo

  2. I count it joy to call you my friend...
    I love you girl and it is hard to run without you... even on the beach! :)

  3. tell Rachel she better follow me!!!

  4. We are all so blessed to call you our friend!!