Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm excited & sad at the same time?

That doesn't even make sense...But it's true for me...I get to work yesterday, and as I'm getting my work stuff out of the car, a woman asks me if I would like to sign her petition for something...I asked her what the name of her company was , but she didn't remember the name of the company because she just started... She proceeded to tell me about her life and how she's been in "this town" all her life and can't believe how it's changed...I asked her if she believed in JESUS and she said, "yes, oh yes, I do", "I've been to the scientology centers & the mormon church", yes, yes, I know JESUS"..."Ummmm, noooo", I said...."JESUS, you know, "GOD", I said again...."Oh, sure I have so many bibles"..."So did I mentioned that this petition is for a rodeo to produce more jobs here in town? 
Then another woman on my way home, (I stopped to grab a soda with Kim and her kids) motioned to me that my inside light was on in my car, so I came out and thanked her...As she was getting into her car I said, "Thanks Ma'am GOD bless you", she said, "What"? (because she didn't hear me)...I repeated myself and asked her if  JESUS was her LORD and SAVIOR...."Oh, yeah, um,  my grandson ordered these ice cream cups" and said "Yes, I do"....MMMMM, I wonder...
You know....The thing is, even the most quiet ones of the bunch that really love & know JESUS respond with excitement if someone was to ask them if they know JESUS!! I thought I knew JESUS, but it wasn’t until I surrendered my life to Him to really know JESUS, walk with JESUS, talk with JESUS, spend time with JESUS, etc. I can't NOT talk about JESUS, He's too awesome!!....So ask yourselves, when someone asks you if you know JESUS, are you filled with the excitement, joy and peace that only comes from really knowing Him? Do you have a story to tell them what He has done in your life? He does sooo much all the time... Don’t be fooled by the teachings of this world, because you can't fool HIM! (Luke 13:22-27)