Saturday, January 7, 2012


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Got my new lens!!! Got my new lens!!! Thank you to my sweet, loving, husband...You know that show that's says "Yes" to the dress, I say "Yes" to a camera lens...HA! As soon as I got the OK, I immediately looked up a camera store and bolted down there...I was so intimidated in there...They looked at me like I knew what I was talking about...So I played along...LOL...I asked for the lens, the clerk hooked it to my camera, and said,  "here take a look"...."Oh, Ok thanks, (like I know what I'm doing)...5 seconds later I took it to the counter to purchase...

CLERK:  "So do you want a filter for that?"

ME:  "Uhhh, yeah...Geez, of course dude...(what the heck is a filter for?)

CLERK:  "Great $140!!"

ME:  Oh, Um, yeah, like forget the filter, I told my husband I wouldn't spend more than $120 and I respect
          his hard working money, so please take the filter off...(Yeah, that's a good one)...

So there you have it friends, my first few attempts with my new lens...I think its ok...Whatt you think? 



  1. My absolute favorite lens. It is sharp and for the price, you can't beat it. You are going to love it!!

  2. Hi Denise! This is Leslie. Not sure if you remember me. Well... I just wanted to stop by and see your blog. I found it through an email.

    Filters like UV are good to protect your glass, but.... if you have good glass (good lens/expensive/pro lens) then it like putting not so good glass on good glass. A lens hood will do the trick to protect. Hope that helps. Blessing!

    ~Leslie M

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