Thursday, January 26, 2012


That's it!!!! Old school it is...I've been through top of the line, bottom of the line and now, back at the old school school stuff...
Really people, a $20 pencil sharpener that plugs in, and still don't sharpen pencils?  I'm done!! My husband convinced me to get this...I kept telling him "no thanks honey", then it went to "get what you want."  Well guess what?  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It even sharpens color pencils awesome!! It sounds and has the feel of when I went to school...Um, well, let's not talk about that....
Anyway, here it is, I'm so proud of it...Ha!


  1. We have the same problem with our stupid pencil sharpeners! My girl keeps telling me to get one of those...... I probably will....

  2. We have one of those and love it!