Saturday, January 28, 2012


Soft, pink and fluffy...Sound like a girly girl thing?  
And all for my little Lovely...

A GREAT friend (Sydra) of mine came to the hospital to visit Trinity with me and brought a beautiful poster from her kids, a coloring page from her daughter that read, "JESUS loves you" and one of those black, white, and red toys that clip onto a car seat or even a crib...All Sydra had to do was shake this thing and Trinity was locked in....Trinity was so comforted by it..We had such a sweet time visiting her...Trinity couldn't take her eyes off of it...It was Sydra's daughter's and now Trinity got to have it....So Sweet!!

Today, another SWEET friend of mine visited Trinity with me (Dawn)...Trinity was having a bad day today...She has a lot of secretion in her lungs and so this makes it very uncomfortable for Trinity...The poor thing cries with tears, but no sound comes out because she has a tube down her throat...Well, Dawn just picked up that toy from Sydra and shook it the whole time to comfort Trinity...It worked most of the time...

Sooooo,  the point of my picture, is that Sydra inspired me to go buy a few things for Trinity's room at the hospital...I asked the staff if I could bring a mobile in to keep her somehow stimulated....The butterfly mobile is so cute...I can't wait to hang it up...I really hope I can pull it off....The butterflies hang with an invisible string so they look like their flying....The little stuffed animal lights up the room with moon and stars glowing...And of course, last but not least, more pretty bows for my Lovely!!


  1. So sweet! I wish I was there to visit her and stay in the hospital with you every minute!

    1. I know you would to friend....Love you!!!

  2. Faith had those butterflies and LOVED them! Trinity will too. Love you guys.

  3. That is so beautiful - what great friends you have to support you during this. Praying...

  4. I'm a sucker for girly stuff! So wonderful to have such support! :)