Monday, January 30, 2012


This is not about Trinity, This is not about Trinity!
Today felt like how I use to live before JESUS found me…Broken, searching, hopeless, and running to empty promises and then, literally dying inside…Yes friends…I lost my precious, precious NLT Bible….

Here I was, ready to start a new Monday…This seems familiar…Ha! Got the coffee, gave direction to my kids, kissed my husband and on my way to do my quiet time…NO BIBLE!!!!

As I ran around the house frustrated because my time with the LORD was being interrupted…I silently said in my head, “Where is my d&%n Bible?” Oh my gosh!! I’m so sorry LORD, please, please forgive me!! I was so annoyed at myself…Because, if I would have found my Bible right then and there, I probably would have drowned in the pool of tears from guilt…I still was feeling that way, but I had to search…By this time my husband was wondering what the commotion was about, I told him, and as I went to kiss him again (he was still in bed), I said, “Maybe it’s under the mattress?” What in the world was I thinking? I think my husband was thinking the same thing and sweetly prayed for me…Aahhh, just what I needed, JESUS and my husband to the rescue!!

By this time, my kids were waiting to do Bible with me…I silently prayed, apologized to the LORD about not doing my quiet time and did Bible with my kids…I know, that’s probably the time I should have just grabbed another Bible and did it…But, I didn’t…I know, I’m a jerk! 

After Bible with my boys, I sent out my prayer request for friends to pray I would find it…My BFF Rachel called me immediately, almost in tears, and thought I was talking about Trinity…Hence, the warning sign above…Ha!  

All through the day, I kept racing to places where I might have left it and nothing…I called all the places could think of, and nothing…
My NLT is with me pretty much where ever I go, so I was trying to backtrack…I use NKJV for church, so I knew it was not there…

I know, you can’t believe this long drawn out blog post about a lost Bible…Well, if you read your Bible almost on a daily basis, rely on it as much as I do to live, breath and whatever else that allows me to function with life, then, I know you can relate…

Welp, needless to say, as of right now no Bible found…I’ll probably go an buy another NLT tomorrow…I pray whoever has it, if someone even does, that  JESUS’ Love met them as soon as they opened it….Only HE knows!

I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you….Psalm 119:11 (NLT)


  1. You are the most transparent person I know and I LOVE YOU because of it!
    Was it at the hospital????

  2. I'd be upset if I lost my bible... it has all my notes in it. Praying you find it!

  3. Hi. I am a friend of Kim's. Enjoy your blog so much. I can relate to your Bible situation. I left mine at church this last weekend. I have been like a baby whose Binky has left the building. I have 11 years of sermon notes in that Bible. So grateful I waffled between two Bibles for the last 11 years of salvation. I have another Bible to work with. I have been asked by my hubby what to grab if the house was on fire...Just my Bibles! Unless Christ sees fit to return my Bible to me (maybe someone needs it more than me), he will have a lighter load running out the door. Still hopeful I will be reunited, but if not, may Christ use it to bring many to Himself.