Monday, October 1, 2012


It doesn't seem real that we celebrated our little Lovely's 1st Birthday today...Oh, how I wish I could post a picture of my little chocolate princess! She is beautiful, magnificent, amazing, clever and just a sweet blessing from the LORD! 

Even if it was our last day with her (I cringe as I say this) we are still blessed! We are definitely vested in this relationship...When your BOYS stop playing their boy things and want to play with their Lovely, you know there in love...It's so sweet, they take time out just to play with her...Forget when   she wakes up from a nap, my boys fight..."Mom, he got to carry her downstairs yesterday." "Mom, I want to sit next to her." "Mom, no fair, he always gets her first"...Ha! Music to my ears...

What more could a mom ask for?  

Today I text messaged the case worker to remind her about Lovely's birthday...She was so excited and said she would put the TPR through today as her birthday present  (TPR-terminate parent rights)!!! 

Sounds great, but to me, it's not real until Lovely takes our last name...It does look pretty good for us, but you just never know what is going to happen when your on this end of it...Foster care is hard, but don't be discouraged...

It's a journey, it's a blessing, and it will test your faith...But remember, the King of King's already knows who our baby is and HE knows who your baby will be....If you remember, please continue to pray for us but, most of all,  please pray for the birth mom's Salvation...

 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future...Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Love it! She is so stinking adorable! Love her in pink and these are awesome pictures with such clarity! love you friend!

  2. She is SOOOOO adorable!
    Flip Flop Challenge is BACK ... i wanted you to know! :)

  3. Love the pictures you did share though.

    Happy Birthday to her.

    Now why do you say it is her last day with you?