Monday, October 29, 2012


I love taking pictures in manual...It challenges me for sure! I think I'm doing OK, though...Lots of room for improvement...These are not my favorite shots, but thought they were cool enough to post...

These pictures were taken yesterday with my family...My husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary...Yay! I love him...We went to church, then lunch and headed over a place that had the Civil War reenactment...The day was awesome, even though we did end up missing the reenactment...Ha! I pumped my kids up for weeks about it, but got the times mixed up... When we arrived, the people were packing up shop...So we headed over to a beautiful lake called Lake Harriott...Despite the mix up, we still have a blast, as always....

Next week, date night celebration with just the hubby...

 The next shots are the only thing left at the civil war, so we took advantage...Ha!


  1. Nice job! What kind of edit did you use??

  2. That mountain picture is pretty.