Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!

Let me tell you about my friend Denise....

First, she LOVES Jesus so much that it is contagious!!!!  When you hang around her for a minute she will make you feel so loved and accepted.  I mean really, everyone needs a friend like Denise!

She loves her family so much!  Her boys know Jesus because she shows them Jesus by LOVE!!!

Denise is the real deal!  She never-EVER beats around the bush!  She will be honest and loving to a fault!

Denise serves and loves the unloveable!  She will stop the car and give someone her last dollar.  Why?  Because they need it more than she does and that is how you show people Jesus.

Denise has known the Lord for about 7 years and has grown leaps and bounds.  I love to see her growth and she challenges me to be a better momma, wife and follower of Jesus!

I love you Denise!
Happy Birthday!

She is all this because of Jesus!  She would want me to say this : )

Love your best friend foreva!


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