Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm still trying to post all the family outings we've been on this month...This is really our time that we go crazy with activities...It's starts to cool down in Vegas and we take total advantage of it...It gets so hot in the summer it's hard to last outside for hours at a time...But, this time of year is awesome for hikes, parks, or just being outside...The last set of pictures I posted was a hike that we did, that I LOVE! It's hot getting to the waterfall, but so worth it...The pictures below are of us at the Springs Preserve...I took more, but these are the ones that made me smiles the most...

It's never been a dull moment being married to my husband, he has a blast everywhere he goes...So do I  and so do my kids...We are our own comedy show...I think sometimes people don't get our corny, dry, weird sense of humor...I've definitely developed it over the years...He's so funny, I just crack up thinking about him...
Love you baby!


  1. Look at you with pic tails! So cute! And you are right, you are all kind of goofy! But that is why the Oliver's love the Novacks!

  2. awww GREAT pics "LOVE" GOD IS SO BLESSED YOU...I too LOVE LOVE the pigtails....SUPER CUTE!!!! Nettie

  3. Looks like a family that knows how to have fun!