Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hurray, my boy is old enough for our home school youth group!!! Hurray! 

I'm so excited for my boy to be in the youth group...I couldn't wait for my boy to turn 10 so that he could be in this group...The funny thing is, Mikey is not able to attend the activities with youth group because he is only nine ..So, I have to drop Mikey off somewhere or drop Matthew off, hence, they are separate! They definitely don't like the idea of being apart...When I tell Matt the plan for the weeks to come, he gets excited for the activity, then sad because Mikey won't be there, then excited again...There's such a different dynamic to brothers, and to brothers that are best friends, like them...I LOVE it...The separation will be good for them...I'm looking forward to see how the LORD will make changes in their lives from being separated...

These are pictures of the 1st youth group gathering...Ice Cream and their favorite topic was the theme for the week...Yum...We also played Catch Phrase...It was so fun...These are the other kids that will be in the group...It will be exciting to see the changes the LORD will do in all of these girls and boys, as well...
Praise JESUS for changes!!


  1. Don't rush it girl! Enjoy every second of every stage...
    Love the pictures though! Love the one of Matt acting up!

  2. I am excited for Ben too. But at the same time I'm sad. Too many signs of growing up have been happening around here. Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cool, a homeschool youth group is a great idea.