Monday, September 3, 2012


Oh where, Oh where, does the time go...I'M still here peeps...Hope you'll still follow me...I almost feel like I'm slackin on my LORD JESUS...I created this blog to bring glory to HIS name through the things HE allows myself and my family to do...My life is centered around HIM, so I promise I'm still working for HIM...
I just haven't found the free time I use to have to sit and write...
I do miss it and will "promise to try" (as my kids say when asked to promise something)...

Obviously, I have to cover little Lovely's face because this blog is public...We adore her so much! I continue to have peace about the outcome with her, and pray daily for the LORD to give us the desires of our hearts...This is all the pictures I can offer for obvious reasons...So here we are taking a family stroll to Dairy Queen in the HEAT! Even when you walk slow you sweat!  We had our ice cream, walked through the park and headed back home...But, before heading home we have to look for bugs..
Not me, I can't stand bugs and my boys always want to show them to me...My husband too...He MAKES me come close to him when he catches these ugly critters...I joke around with him and say, "You really like throwing that spiritual leader card around, huh". Only a believer in the LORD JESUS would know what I'm talking about...Hahahaha, come on, haven't you said that to your husband when you didn't want to do what he asked?  I know I'm not the ONLY one...Am I? Ha!


  1. Love the pictures of Little Lady! Those boys LOVE their daddy!

  2. Very cute disguise! My kids are bug fanatics too. I'm ok with most of them except cockroaches. Ewwwww! And yes, I've said that very thing to my husband before! Funny!

  3. Hehe... I'm always pointing out bugs to my kiddos, even catch them!