Monday, August 13, 2012


Yep, still tryin to get caught up...

Here are a bunch of pictures I took while I was in California visiting one of my most fabulous BFF's, Kim! I LOVE where she lives and I'm thankful I get to visit her and it's not that far...It was a short trip, but worth every mile and more...So I'll explain my pictures as they appear...

My first collage of pictures just blesses me so much...The couple smooching is my girl Kim and her hard working hubby...We went out to a Mexican place that night, and caught them in the act! Well, the first one was blurry so I took another one, and had it on a slow setting, if you know what I mean...Ha! I know I'm a nerd!

The other pictures surrounding the young crazy couple, are from what is around their home...Everything about their home is JESUS-centered! And, I only took pictures of the ones downstairs...I set the collage up this way because what makes this young, crazy, couple-still so in love, is JESUS! HE is everywhere in their home, and outside of their home...
What comes out of their mouth is their heart (Luke 6:45) and 
I love them dearly!

This pretty much explains itself...

Chubby Bunny time...Hahahaha...
My girl Kim's girly girl's b-day party was on the beach...We had a blast! One of the games played is called Chubby Bunny...It starts off one marshmallow at a time...Each time a marshmallow enters your mouth you have to say, "chubby bunny"....If you can't, you lose...Look at my boys face on the bottom...Hilarious! 
I think the birthday girl won with a total of 7 marshmallows, and the title of "chubby bunny" champion...LOL

 And last, but not least, my beautiful friend and I...
She loves me!


  1. AND I LOVE MINE!!!!!!
    What a great time we had... I am so thankful you came to visit for my girls birthday. These pics are awesome!
    You are special to both of us!

  2. You two are so beautiful! Love the chunky bunny shots... fun game!

  3. Lol the chubby bunny game is too cute! Gotta love the expressions!! :D
    Looks like you had a great time Denise!

    Have a blessed weekend! ;)