Thursday, March 29, 2012

P52 Week 13-Details (366-89)

The Details, the details...It's all about the details...Thank heavens for my Kim...She reminded me of the challenge...So, here I am a load of dishes in the sink, need to give my Lovely her meds, laundry needs to be put away and I pull out my camera at 10:30 at night snapping pictures...Well, nothing came out right so I started looking at shots I took this month and this is what I came up with...I like the different "details" in the photo when your focus point is on a different subject...Anyway, that is what I came up with...I like!!


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  2. Awesome shot of depth of field. Very important detail of an image and you did a fantastic job.

  3. This post made me laugh out loud. I can so relate. Just changing our focus makes a difference. Great job.