Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ok, ok, I know I'm a little behind...I've also found out I'm a little ADD...LOL to Kim...Homeschooling is a dang challenge...After sharing with Kim my frustration with my boy Mikey, we, actually she (Kim) has determined WE are ADD...Hahaha, she is probably not happy that I've label her the culprit....I admit I agree with her...I call it energetic, BUT, nonetheless we need to work on it...I love you KIM!!! 
Kim also inspired me to pull out my camera...Her pictures of those beautiful flowers got me motivated...So here some pictures I took in my yard...Not beauties like hers, but pretty cool, I think...

And here is my sweet boy Mikey on the phone with me while I'm taking pictures...Wait, we are suppose to be doing school, why is he on the phone and I'm taking pictures....OH, ADD...I get it!!!HA!


  1. Beautiful! I love that sweet boy! ADD and all.... : )

  2. Oh you got some great shots - really love the one of the rocks!