Friday, March 16, 2012

366-72, 73, 74

I LOVE my sweet boys!! And they love each other...Two become one when they are together...I love watching and listening to them play together...Although they have their moments like brothers do, they really respect each other... After picking Trinity up from the hospital today we went to a birthday party at the skating rink...I couldn't wait to get there and see my boys on skates...I knew it was going to crack me up watching my boys TRY to skate...They couldn't even get the roller BLADES because it's to hard, so they had to get the SKATES instead...It was fun to watch even though I didn't get any falling down shots...You like the bokeh, Kim ;)


  1. Love the "real" bokeh but I love those boys way more!!!!

  2. darling pictures!
    Thank you for the sweet comments also! I got her headband from Banner Boutique. AND I am actually doing a giveaway starting today for a headband. Enter!!!!
    xoxo, bree

  3. Hi NeeCee. I am finally catching up on all your blogs. Next we need to catch up on the phone. WOW!!! They are getting so big. Such handsome boys. Hmmm....which one will Kyla want to marry??? lol How is Trinity doing? I saw the photo on fb. She is so cute. I hope you are all doing well. Call me when you can. Love and miss you.