Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Of course I'm going to mention my sweet boys again...Because they are just so dang sweet...They are SO on their way to becoming hard working men, just like their dad...My husband has been tackling projects around the house, and as always, his boys are right by his side...My husband doesn't do well with any kind of greenery...If he could have it his way, we would have concrete everywhere (front yard & back yard) Don't ask, I still don't get it...He has allergies so he wants nothing around, but concrete, come on! 

Anyway, here they all are, my favorite men on earth sawing, cutting, and breaking branches for 5 hours straight...Their reward...Joe's Crab Shack...
Good times!!!!!!


  1. I thought it was Thai food??
    You should live in New York... concrete all around you!
    : )