Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A miracle right before my eyes (Part 2)

(Part 1-December 12, 2010 blog post)

Long story short…Hopefully…I get on the phone with the facility, and they give me a voice mail…Don’t they know who’s calling?  It’s the New Yorker that loves JESUS people!!! I call back every ½ hour…Finally, I get someone…I explain what the LORD wanted me to do…She tells me she normally needs a 2 week notice for something like this…I told her GOD is never early or never late, HE is always on time…She said she would do her best…The LORD also told me who to call to get a van that could transport the ladies back and forth…I called, she was available, and she was in on it…The tickets cost $20 per person…So I’m thinking, OK, I want to bless 10 ladies from there…I have 10 friends that could pay for one lady, and then donate a nice outfit for them…My friend with the van said to call my church because she heard someone wanted to pay for a ticket if a lady could not afford to go…I called the church, and my girl that runs the church said, “Yep, any amount of tickets needed this person will pay for, OH MY….GOSH!!! “Yir, kiddin??"

I get a call back from the facility, she tells me she has  6 ladies that will be joining me at the tea party...YAY!! She also told me not to worry about their clothes because they all have business attire for when they go on job interviews...OK , so let me get this straight…
GOD told my friend, to tell me about what her church did, GOD puts it on my heart, GOD gave me clarity with Proverbs 9, GOD provided the transportation, GOD provided the funds, GOD provided the clothing!!! All I had to do was transport them back and forth…

We pick up these precious broken ladies…They seem a bit stand-offish and uneasy at first, but that was to be expected…They were willing to open up and share their stories with us, as long as we kept prompting…My heart grieved for them…We get to the church, the worship was awesome,  and the message the LORD prepared for the speaker, was even better…The night was miraculous...6 broken ladies left the tea party a bit more different than when they walked in...JESUS met them somehow, some way, because their face expressions and body language changed!!  It was though the LORD touched them in a way I can’t explain, but I know HE did… I wanted to make sure before we left they at least had bibles, surprisingly they did, except for one…So whatta think I did??? Yep, she got a bible…She was so sweet when I asked her if I could give her one…She wanted to make sure I wasn’t buying it for her…I could tell that she was so grateful for her evening, and didn’t want to seem like she was taking advantage of me…She asked me if I wanted to sign her bible… I just melted…

So back in the van we went…I talked about  how I love to worship the LORD, and when I do, I feel the presence of the LORD upon me…One of the ladies said, “I feel so good tonight, I can feel HIM too.”  It brought joy to my heart… We dropped them back off, and said our goodbyes…Some of the ladies didn’t want to leave…I watched them walk back inside the facility, and I broke down…I cried out to the LORD in tears yearning and wanting them so bad to know JESUS as their SAVIOR…I thought it would be the last time I saw them…But, GOD had other plans….Again….I guess there will be a Part 3…Hee Hee!!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future….Jeremiah 29:11

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