Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photography Fun

I finally got to do some edits that don't have people...These are so much easier for me...Just a simple effect on the editing programs does it for me...Might not be an elite photo, but hey, gotta start somewhere...
A few of these photos are from Nelson's ghost town I edited...The bridge one is a photo I've actually been wanting to take for a while...It's located in Parker, AZ...My BFF has an aunt with some land out there with tons of fun attached to it...I actually ran across the road through some dirt to get the angle I wanted...I was on the side of a busy road with my camera attached to my tripod...I bet I looked really professional to the oncoming traffic...It certainly felt like it, I just don't think the photo matches the feeling I had...HA!  
The red pump I took today at Staheli Farms in Utah...Super fun place...I remember first getting into photography and had a point and shoot and I took this shot...I tried to find it, but couldn't...


  1. I love these, especially the first one! I do so much better taking photos of inanimate objects. They cooperate better!

  2. I agree with Terrie about inanimate objects. I love the last shot! I wish you could find the old picture.

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