Thursday, January 16, 2014

(365-16) Where have I been?

Ok, I think this is the longest I've been away…I'm going to try and keep up…I don't even know if anyone really cares where I've been or if anyone will even read this…Facebook has been my  and my new website for my photography…I've started a ministry with my photography, yay, I'm so excited to bless people…Here is my website for your viewing pleasure…

Well, since I want to start being consistent I'm going to join my BFF from 

in trying to take a picture a day… I should probably tell her 2014 is not a leap year…HA!
So, here is my first 365 of the year, my sweet boy…I had some trouble editing this photo because the sun was on his face in a weird way, but I still really love it...


  1. So serious….. love his eyes..
    and ummm…. what was I thinking??? I started out with 365 but somehow forgot! Crazy! I am glad you are joining me! Yay!

  2. Hey my friend! Welcome back and hopefully this year will be a good one for all! I too decided to be more consistent with my blogging as well. So I'm back to blogger but under a different name, hope you can follow me along! Anyways, enough about me. I have to say I totally love this shot of your son! Love his eyes, and the image is so dreamy!! Love, love, love!! xox

  3. Sorry, here's my new address:
    I'm going to follow your facebook page by the way! ;)