Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lighting, lighting and more lighting

Whatta think Kim? I'm trying over here...I had this in my room with a floor lamp right next to it...I shot in manual, 1/50, 2.0, ISO 800...I then edited in ipiccy, cropped it a bit, used the "anthony" effect and Wha-La!

Thank you to http://www.lemonademakinmama.com/ for her beautiful photos and advice...I'll be working on my lighting, Sasha!

Amazing to me about how wonderful "light" is...It brings my mind to the Light of the world, JESUS CHRIST!


  1. I love it! I saw it on FB and commented there! Did you have any natural light???
    I used the Anthony effect on my picture of the flower from my P52 post. I like it...