Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bella & Bokeh, Baby!

I LOVE taking pictures of my Bella-girl...AND, she loves posing for them...I should really keep and post the pictures of her goof ball poses, they're  hysterical...It amazes me how a beautiful little girl can make herself look....Well, let's just say, different...Ha!

 Hahahahah-The many faces of Raegan (aka REV)... Love this little girl, she is my Little Lovely's BFF and today was REV'S 1st birthday....As I took these pictures, (not the best quality) I was busting up looking at all her different face expressions...Truly, a Beauty!

 And this is a little hard to explain....Yes, friends this is Vlaaadddoooo!!! I know that 1st picture on the left he kinda looks like a turtle...But, right before I was getting ready to take the shot, he pulled his face all the way back and had a double, well maybe, triple chin...I told him "DON'T DO THAT" stick your neck out instead!! This is the result...Then my BFF busted up because she said he looks like wolverine and needs a hair cut...I proudly post these pictures of him because it never fails, when he takes pictures of me...I can look my best and when he snaps pictures of me, for some reason I literally look so ugly, we all bust up laughing... He LOVES to take ugly pictures of me and laugh!! Really I have to say Vlllaaaddoooo looks a lot more handsome in person, I just had to post these because I just love how my BFF is cracking up....


  1. Did you add that bokeh? She is adorable! They all look cute! Great job!

    1. Uhhh, nooooo, I didn't add the bokeh...They have Christmas lights on their stairs and I took a ton of pictures because of that...That was my favorite

    2. notice the line that says...."great job!"