Monday, February 4, 2013

Project 52-2013 (Week 5)

Wish I could show more pictures of my Little Lovely...We went to Pahrump, NV on Saturday for an airsoft war with the homeschool group...On 5 acres of property!!!! Total blast...Well, this 16 month old went from one end to the other, loving every minute of it...And, so did I...I remember when my boys were that young and we would go to a social gathering, I use to think in my head, I just want to sit and relax with the other moms and not have to run around after them...I always trying to find ways to make it "easy" for myself to be able to do so, but it never worked out that way and left me frustrated...

Well, I soon found out what is "easier"...I may not have tomorrow to run after them...My dear sweet friend Ann and I had some awesome fellowship the other night and shared that with me...Every time I think about it (especially after I yell at my kids) It turns my stomach...I'm glad she shared that with me, it has made me a much happier mommy...I love you Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your an amazing Mudda!!