Tuesday, May 29, 2012


20 Pictures...That's what I owe to my blog...It's been a challenge I admit...Ok, fine I've been watching American Idol...OKAY!!! I haven't watched it for years and got hooked again...Funny how the TV can distract you from other things...Hence, my blog!  Well it's over now and my guy won...Yay! I realized how much TV I DIDN'T watch in the past...I'm kind of hooked on a few shows, but not really liking the time by the television...So I really need to try to take my time and spread it out...

With that, we have also been traveling...This month we've been busy having fun...As you know we went to Brianhead, Utah in the beginning of the month and stayed in my BFF's cabin (KIM)...Then, 2 weeks later my BFF (RACHEL) invited our family to her timeshare in Newport Beach, CA!! Awesome, awesome, awesome is what I have to say about that...Truly a blessing from above...And free to stay there....All the pictures I've posted are from that vacation...I LOVE the beach!

Such sweet kids!!

 Love, love, love the colors in that top flower....
Looks like a peacock doesn't it?

And last, but not least, more of The Vesely Family...Can't see my little lady in that family photo, but I promise she is there...
Love that picture of Bella holding the sheet (my idea...ha!) 
My most favorite picture is, those baby toes...They belong to Christian (a.k.a. CZ-upper right corner) and they have a name...
His momma calls them "angry toes" because they look all twisted and angry...
That's all folks!!


  1. Those are some awesome shots - I've missed you!

    LOVE the "peacock" flower!

  2. love them all! Except that we didn't see each other! Dang! But you will be here next week! Yay!