Friday, May 4, 2012

P52 Week 18-Fiesta or Siesta (366-119)

Well, this WAS suppose to be a Fiesta and a Siesta, but for a short time it was not...My fabulous, sweet, loving BFF Kim let us use her awesome cabin in Utah...We were all so excited to get up there...We get to the cabin and excitingly we head for the door...In Vegas it was hot so we all drove in summer clothes...I had flip-flops and a tank top on...I start heading up to the cabin stairs, and even though a lot of the snow melted there was still some left...I'm carefully walking with key in hand, phone in another, purse around my shoulder trying not to fall...I take a step and hit soft snow...You know what happened next, right?  Yes, I fell into the snow, and so did the key...It's about 30 something degrees out there and I lost the key...We looked for an hour and it started to get colder...So, my BFF told us another way to get in and we did....So here is my hubby looking for the key the next morning...We did end up finding it...
Praise JESUS!!!


  1. Very funny story. At least you can laugh about it now.

  2. THAT IS RIGHT~!!! YOUR BFF! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!! That was so funny! So glad you had a great time : )