Thursday, June 14, 2012


So last time I posted I owed my blog 20 pictures...This time I only owe 16 pictures, but I only have 13 ready...Ha! 

The first set of pictures was my sweet, loving, goofy 10 year old boy's B-day party...Did I say 10?? Did'ya hear it 10, double digits...Can't believe it...I picked pictures that truly capture his personality...He is a knee-slapping kind of kid, I tell ya! Love that kid so much...He is going to make an awesome husband, just like his dad...Any takers?  Ha! I wouldn't mind an arranged marriage...Oh boy, I probably opened up a can of worms with that...Oh, well, that's how I roll!! And anyway, I came across Proverbs 5:1-23 a few weeks ago and I'll tell you, I highlighted the snot outta that Proverb, and put a sticky note on it to remind me to read it over and over again to my boys when they turn teenagers!! So there!!

And below is my visit with one of my BFF's...My hubby took the boys camping on his days off and I decided not to go this time around....So me and my little Lovely flew to California...Awesome! Loved every minute of it, and it went to fast! I love her family so much...And I think they love me...I do believe I have rubbed off on every one of them...They have a little bit'a New York energy in them...They get things done boy, let me tell ya...We went to the beach on Sunday and in a blink of an eye, it was like they opened an accordion and we had everything we needed in an instant...Whatever I wanted was there...If I asked for something I didn't really have to finish my sentence because the response would be, "WE GOT IT"!!! 
(Ok, slightly exaggerated)


  1. look at the hot blondie momma in the middle! Loved loved loved having you! Anytime girl! Come back SOON!!!

  2. oh and I love your boys too! and yes you have rubbed off on us! and love the sign in the middle of the first set!

  3. Happy birthday to your 10 year old {double digits is always shocking to me} and love your trip pictures - how fun for you!

  4. OH..I see this is the Kim that you know. :) So, I wanted to say yes, I totally get that New Yorker energy. And though my sister and I both grew up in San Diego she has been in New York since the late 90's. When I first visited her in 99 she quickly had to educate me on how to navigate the streets and transportation. I was being too kind she said.
    So glad you're out here visiting your sweet friend. I can't wait to get to know her more. :)