Thursday, April 19, 2012

P52-Week 16 Things that Grow (366-108)

Whew...They sure do...My boys that is...I never could comprehend, before I had kids, when people would say "they grow so fast"...I remember asking my pastor's wife one time, what her favorite age was for her kids...She told me each year got better and better...I was struggling at the time when I asked her that question...I was an inexperienced mom AND a new Christian...I was overwhelmed when my boys were 3 & 2...I remember thinking how hard it was for me...Although I loved them so much, I was to selfish to see what a blessing they really were and are!! I kick myself for being so selfish and not embracing the journey with a happy heart...The LORD has shown me many things, and has "grown" me since the day I met HIM, 6 years ago...I try to embrace every moment with my sweet, loving, God fearing boys...They truly love the LORD and I look forward to seeing how they "grow" in their relationship with JESUS....Life is great!!


  1. Very sweet. I have enjoyed my children at every age. Mine range from 10 to 29. For some reason, I feel that even number ages are easier somehow.