Thursday, April 5, 2012

366-90 &91

Soooo, we are hanging out as a family the other day in the late afternoon...My husband and boys just got done using the chain saw to cut the trees in our yard...My hubby has really bad allergies and doing that made it worse, but it has to be done...We started a fire with our new fire wood (whoot-whoot) and just relaxed...We didn't need the fire for the heat, but it was still nice to have...Then, all of a sudden pigeons on the roof...Like a bat outta heck (Ha!) my husband runs for the BB gun...Look at the anticipation in my boys' face...So funny!!


  1. Did he get them??? PETA is gonna be all over you girl! Ha! : )

  2. I love it! Pigeons are rats with wings. Ben is always trying to shoot them with his Airsoft. Course, his Airsoft is so weak that the silly little rats just look at him. They would laugh at him if they could.