Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Edit Me-2012 Week 17

Great shot of flowers I might say...Wish I took it myself, BUT, I didn't...These beautiful flowers were taken by "Butterflies in Time Photography"  Not much needed to edit, but still fun!

Here is my edit...I didn't crop it as I usually do...It didn't need to be...I did use my saturation and temperature tool...I also used my cross process tool and my dusk tool...I thought it looked really cool...The white flowers were a bit yellowish, so I actually used my teeth whitening tool and fade button to make the flowers more white...
Then of course I framed it...


  1. Lovely edit. Very airy and pretty!

  2. Great idea using the tooth whitening tool. I'll put that in my back pocket. Your edit turned out so nice.

  3. I agree with Diane, clever use of the tooth whitening tool; never would thought of it!
    Beautiful edit!

  4. So light and breezy! The colors are just beautiful!