Saturday, April 14, 2012

366: 94-105

Wow...Wow...Wow...I'm SO behind, but today is a good day...Can you believe everything is picked up, washed, put away, cleaned, scrubbed, and tidy in my home?  Well, not everything, but enough for me to kick back today and play with my camera and blog!!! Here are some very random pictures I took over the past few weeks...

I love the collage with my sweet friend Lei...We love sushi and she loves to make fancy cupcakes...It's now sort of our "tradition" along with my boys to have sushi and fancy cupcake night...So far we have done it twice...My boys really enjoy it, and I enjoy watching Lei have patience with them measuring out the ingredients...I want to scream half the time for them to hurry up, but she just waits and waits...I love her!!

Here is my amazing husband always cracking my boys up...This time he was cracking my boy Matt up...The boys laugh so hard because their dad is the biggest, most fun loving dad I know personally...I crack up watching them crack up...The funny thing is, half the time it's not that funny, but it's funny...Ha!

Some flowers..................


  1. Very nice friend!!! We should have taken some pictures at the 2 hour restaurant time the other night! Then I could have been on YOUR blog! Btw, I love Lei!!! Wish I was there to glean from her!!!

  2. Sooooo, how can I get invited to sushi and fancy cupcake night!! :D