Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, that YOU would bless me!

So here I am in the new house...FINALLY-Praise JESUS!! Now all I have are boxes and stuff and stuff and more stuff to unpack and find a new home for...BUT, I'm not complaining... I'm praising my LORD on every box I open...I'm so thankful for all that HE has blessed us with...So many blessings it still amazes me...I have many pictures to post and catch up on, so don't give up on me...We just got the internet hooked up this minute, so I thought I would throw a shout out to everyone and let them know that "The New Yorker that Loves JESUS" is still loving JESUS, and we're alive and well :)
Look for my updates and pictures in the next few days...Also, please, please pray for us that we get our new home put together quickly...We are not able to take any babies until the new house is approved for safety...
Until it is approved we have to wait...I know the LORD has us in the palm of HIS hands (Isaiah 49:16) and it's been hard to wait, but I know HIS timing is perfect and HE is in control of ALL things for HIS purposes and glory...Thanks be to the LORD that HE lets me be a part of HIS plans...

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  1. Amen to your post sister!! I pray that everything comes out great and quickly on your end. I know God is in control! And remember great things happen to those who wait. ;) Stay blessed hun..