Thursday, September 29, 2011

365:248-264 (I'm so behind)

The only Disney pictures, before & after "the situation"...I love how you just can't tell ;) (read below)

I love the looks on their faces on the "Montezooma's Revenge"...
This ride goes 55 MPH in 3 seconds...I went on it...

Ok, this was a littleee strange...We stopped at Baker, CA because my son Matt saw an "Alien Beef Jerky" store and wanted to check it out...They sold everything in Alien style...It was hilarious...My favorite is my son Matt laying down in front of the car as if they ran him over...He is so his dad...LOL


Yay! we went to Disney, we went to Disney…..NOT!!

My wonderful real estate lady (Mel) has been a blessing to us in so many ways during our move, and still continues to make our lives peaceful during a stressful time…We love her…She blessed us again in a way we could ever dream off…She sends me a text message asking my husband’s days off, I tell her, and she responds saying she has 4 tickets to Disney for us and would we like to go…EXCUSE ME???? Wait, let me read that again…..EXCUSE ME????
We tell the kids in a nonchalant way, and jump up and down excited for what is to come…We are really low on cash, so we had to priceline a hotel for the night, we did and got a great deal…We wake up 3:30am, pack our bags, pack drinks, pack a cooler of food and all the other things needed for an overnight trip…You would think we were going away for a week…Tired, a bit cranky, but excited to go we head out by 5AM…We are be-boppin along I-15 talking about how the “California Scream” will be the first ride we hit! We were told by  Mel there are 5 tickets and we can do what we want with the extra one…We were so excited to be able to bless someone and couldn’t wait to see who it would be…We get to Disney as soon as it opens…We prayed in the parking lot and asked the LORD to guide us to the person that would be blessed by this free ticket…We look around the ticket counter to see who is buying tickets, and the first person I see is a man in a wheelchair with his daughter and wife….Bam! That’s them…I walk up, explain why I am there, hand the man the ticket (he’s skeptical), daughter has no clue, wife is smiling and I end my conversation with, “We just wanted to bless someone with a free ticket in the name of JESUS, and, JESUS loves you…I leave (skeptical man still looking at the ticket)…

I smile as my family watched me coming toward them, feeling so excited that we were able to bless someone….We walk as a family hand in hand to the ticket counter, Disney lady swipes the ticket  and……It’s EXPIRED!!!!!  “Oh”, she says, “there’s probably a mistake let me call guest services”.  I’m thinking, “uh, yeah lady you do that.” Guest services Disney lady arrives, checks things out and apologizes “sorry their expired”.  I didn’t even look at my kids at this point I walk ahead in shock…I cry and look down at my boys to tell them how sorry I am...I thought of the LORD (which is usually not the first thing I think of), I knew HE was doing something and I needed to pull it together….In the meantime, my husband the AWESOME man that he is, was already saying “it’s ok, we are going to have an awesome time no matter what we do”.  He really plays the part well “Be joyful in all things”….
 I finally look again at my kids…They smile with a bit of glassy eyes and say, “Mom, it’s ok”….I scoop them up and cry again because of their beautiful hearts…Then we all realize we gave a “free” ticket to those people!!! Great, now what will they think of Christians…My husband said, “Maybe the LORD allowed their ticket to work”. I pray so…Then my husband suggested we could just go to Knott’s Berry Farm... I’m thinking, uh, good idea where is the money coming from?  By this time we are walking back to the van…Mel texted me, I tell her what happened…2 seconds later my phone is ringing…For the next 15 minutes she apologized a million times, and told us to go back to Disney and she will get us in…I know her tricks, she would have paid out of her own pocket…We weren’t having it…She tried though… We told her how blessed we were that she even thought of us and that we are just blessed to be able to get away as a family…She wasn’t having it...She said she would call right back…We went to the Lego store looked around and then headed to Knott’s Berry Farm…
Mel called back and had tickets waiting there for us…Soooo SWEET!!! We went to pick up the tickets and I knew she paid for them…She tried to say she wasn’t doing that, and that the “company” will reimburse her…Hmmm, I think I’ll follow up on that Mel ;)
Anyway, a long story even longer…We are in awe of how the LORD works things out…We had the most amazing time as a family…There were no lines on any of the rides…We were able to stay on rides without getting off…I overcame my fear of crazy roller coasters & free fall rides…I definitely hate the tea cups, swings and the octopus ride…The LORD knows what is always best for us and where we need to be and cares about ALL the details in our lives…

Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus….1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


  1. everything worked out! awesome time! fun mini vacation!

  2. Looks like you had fun despite the little detour!