Thursday, April 21, 2011

Always an Adventure!

So again we went on the same hike as Friday, yet this day was exceptionally different.  I was accompanied by my BFF, her kids, their grandma, a friend, and my BFF’S pastor’s wife and her kids…My husband was able to come along this time…Blessing…It’s so funny to me how he can hang with a bunch of woman and still take hold of his manhood…Although, he did walk a quarter mile ahead of us…Ha!

The adventure for the day was to get to the waterfall again for swimming… Everyone was ready to go with their swimsuits until we got out of the car… It was a wind storm waiting for us…We were wrapping the towels around us that were supposed to be used for drying our kids off, because the wind made it chilly…Really it wasn’t that bad it was only about a mile to the waterfall…

The adventure continued on our way home…We see 2 hitch-hikers…My oldest son said, “Mom, that’s illegal.” “Yes, son it is.”  “So babe, should we pick them up?, Do you have your gun, I say to my husband?” We both smirked undecided and I said, “Nah, you have to get to work.”  These hitch-hikers looked exactly like their label…They were hikers and needed a hitch…U-turn! When we pulled up they had big white smiles and seemed excited to see us…We then found ourselves excited to see them…It was soo cool…The one guy Jordan, is a photographer!! Can you believe it?  I was drooling with questions, but didn’t want to seem like a fan wanting an autograph… When I told him I’m a wanna-be photographer he didn’t even flinch, as if I was a nobody and he was a somebody, he humbly seemed excited for me…I asked him if he was a “famous” photographer that I didn’t know and if he was, I’m embarrassed because I don’t know any “famous” photographers…Humbly, he said no…His friend on the other hand smiled and said, “I wouldn’t agree.” 

Skander is his name and he, my friends, is an avid rock climber, ice climber (whatever that is. Ha! ) hiker, skier and probably more than that, kind of guy! Just as sweet as Jordan… Apparently, their car broke down and they needed to hitch a ride to the auto shop to pick it up…The conversation flowed like we knew each other for years…The experiences these young guys had, have and will have was so interesting, I felt myself on the edge of my seat listening to where their next stop would be…I believe Utah… We dropped them off at the auto shop, said our goodbyes, and headed on our way… Before our journey ended I did ask about their Salvation…My family and I prayed for their safety, and Salvation for one of them, the other was saved… My prayer for them is that they saw JESUS in us, and not just a nice family doing a nice thing... I thank them for letting us be a part of their journey...

If you want to know more about these adventurous guys check out their website and

And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. Hebrews 13:16 

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