Friday, April 15, 2011


Another great day with my boys! We went on this awesome hike today...In the middle of the desert with no shade, the sun beating down, and 1 mile in, we hit a beautiful waterfall...Isn't GOD awesome with HIS creation?  The pictures are not the best quality, and I was having a hard time with to much light coming in my photos...I still don't know what I am doing yet, but I am trying...And guess what? Even though I don't take the best quality pictures all the time, I RARELY shoot in auto ;) Oh yeah, that's right, uh huh, you know it!


  1. good photos and you are doing great! I wish I could say the same.. when in a pinch I go back to what I know or what the camera knows :)

    going to bed... love ya

    cute kiddos...

  2. Thanks for letting know about the plumbers crack in the background..LOL..

  3. WHAT are you talking about??
    The pics are GREAT!