Friday, February 18, 2011

365-47, 48, 49

Yes, I know, this story doesn't make sense. So, starting with my husband in his Modern Warfare pajama pants, you have my oldest boy Matthew, who doesn't want to leave dad's side.  This is hilarious, but I love it.  Next, those yummy cupcakes were at a late home school Valentine's event, I ate 2 of them.  Lastly, my precious, precious friend is in prison, and being I am her mediator for all her personal affairs while she is serving her time, she wanted to make me something with her hands...This is an adorable purse that I am amazed she even crochet it...Welp, now the story makes sense...Hope you enjoyed it! ;)


  1. Yum on the cupcakes! Your hubby is crazy but one of the best dads I know.... and that purse. What a sweet friend she is....