Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So here it is Valentine's morning, I get up to go on my run, and a love letter awaits me... I only share it with you because it touched my heart to the point of tears and almost made me pee my pants in laughter...I dedicate this post to my wonderful funny husband for who he is and how blessed I am....

(His words exactly)
Happy Valentines Day!  This past year just kind of blurred into another and everything has been so busy that even though I know your aware, I love you, I want to tell you my feelings.  That as a wife, a mother, my best friend and my sister in Christ, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!  I AM PROUD OF YOU and I don't know what I would do without you.  I thank God for your humor and just your uniqueness (Did I even spell that right?).  You are perfect and I am grateful that, Jesus, knowing both of us, allowed our marriage to be so amazing.  I love your eyes, your skin, your funny laugh, your temper tantrums, your openness ( and yes, your New Yorkness), your smile, your body, your care, your compassion, your spunk, your funk, your flinstone toes, your bubble butt, your infant nose, your big girl underwear, your sense of style, your gas, your class, your peach fuzz mustache, your grunts, your freckles!  But, none of these compare to how much I love your hunger and passion for Our Mighty God.  Jesus is mercy and anyone who can't see that needs to take a solid look at my pathetic heart and know that I don't deserve you.  Thank you for being you.  For letting me love you.  You are my queen.  You are a beautiful woman that none compare.  Enjoy today baby, I love you. Ray


  1. I am bawling my eyes out! So precious! He is a keeper!

    Bubble butt, flinstone toes! haahahahahah

  2. This is so sweet, loved the flintstone toes! He's a definite keeper.